U.S. Congressional Leaders Senator Barbara Boxer and Rep. Elijah Cummings are champions of The Manogram® Project.

Introduction and Landmark Accomplishments

Our programs in prostate cancer integrate the cutting-edge advances in patient care and research with education, advocacy and awareness in order to expedite the broad based advancement of prevention, early detection and treatment.  These programs are supported by leaders of medicine, industry, advocacy, philanthropy, government agencies, U.S. Congress and celebrities from the entertainment and sports communities.

In early 2015, AdMeTech established Prostate Cancer Action Council and its Independent “Blue Ribbon” Expert Panel.


Our educational programs have brought together international, multidisciplinary medical experts and were instrumental in developing and implementing a comprehensive research strategy and stimulating novel ideas for improved patient care.


Our awareness programs, supported by international celebrities, have assured the success of our educational and advocacy efforts. These programs have received multiple commendations from the Massachusetts Governor, Massachusetts State House and Boston City Council. Prostate Cancer Awareness Day at the Massachusetts State House, organized by AdMeTech since 2009, has created a Massachusetts model of national leader in prostate cancer awareness and research.


Our advocacy campaign resulted in historic national and state legislation, recognizing prostate cancer crisis as a public health priority and major area of health care disparities and calling for increased public investment in the advancement of diagnostic tools for early detection and treatment.