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The Impact of Your Contribution

The prostate is the last organ in the human body where state-of-the-art biopsies are random and blind, failing to sample 99.5% of the prostate tissue. Treatment is blind too, causing life-altering complications and reduced quality of life. In addition, unnecessary biopsies and treatment are widespread and inflate health care costs.

The AdMeTech Foundation’s Manogram® Project will make it possible to bring prostate cancer care into the 21st century. Your contributions will help us end the era of blind prostate cancer care and create the future of image-guided, minimally-invasive and precisely-targeted diagnosis and treatment.

AdMeTech is a non-profit 501(C) 3 organization and 509(a) public charity. Donations are 100% deductible as allowed by law. As a nonprofit entity supported primarily by federal and state funding sources, AdMeTech undergoes an annual A133 audit, and every aspect of our operations is documented meticulously.

Our funds are raised from both the private and public sectors. The seed money was contributed and/or raised by the Board of Directors. To support priority research projects and related operational costs during the next 10 years, an estimated $20 million must be raised from individuals, corporations, foundations, and other funding entities. Every contribution counts – and it is an important step in achieving this goal.

Our research priority is to expedite development, clinical evaluation and implementation of the Manogram® for improved early detection and treatment of prostate cancer. Donors may request information on any of our projects that may be of special interest to them.

With your support, we will save countless lives, improve quality of life in millions of men and reduce billions of dollars in health care costs!

Thank you!