WWLP/NBC Coverage of AdMeTech’s 9th Annual Prostate Cancer Awareness Day

Lawmakers hold moment of silence during Prostate Cancer Awareness Day

People of color and older men at higher risk for prostate cancer

BOSTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Nearly three million men have prostate cancer.

One in seven men is at risk for prostate cancer. State lawmakers are making prostate awareness and education a top public health priority.

A moment of silence was held at the state’s annual Prostate Cancer Awareness Day for Senator Kenneth Donnelly, who battled prostate cancer and later died from a brain tumor earlier this year.

2.7 million American men currently live with prostate cancer.

The disease, which only affects men, is curable with early detection, but can be deadly. It’s the third leading cause of cancer death in men, according to the American Cancer Society.

Lawmakers included funding for prostate cancer research in next year’s budget, with the Senate allocating $300,000 and the House, more than half a million.

Several lawmakers have survived prostate cancer, including Worthington State Representative Stephen Kulik.

“I took care of it through surgery and today, 15 years later, my health is good; I’m fine. It’s important to get checked out,” State Rep. Stephen Kulik, (D) Worthington, told 22News.

Doctors also told 22News, people of color and older men are at higher risk for prostate cancer.