On December 1, 1997 AdMeTech Foundation held the first meeting of the governing Board, represented by the key leaders of academia, philanthropy and industry. As the result of this event, AdMeTech proposed several priority research projects, which were funded by Walter Robb Family Foundation, Henry M. Jackson Foundation and the Department of Defense.

Johns Hopkins University



Dr. Russell Taylor (left)

Director, Engineering Research Center for Computer-Integrated Surgical Systems and Technology

Dr. Gabor Fichtinger (right)
Adjunct Professor of Computer Science and Radiology

Key Accomplishments:

Pioneered development of prostate cancer robotics for precisely targeted, image-guided biopsy and minimally-invasive treatment, with specific focus on MRI-compatible materials. This was achieved within one year of funding by leveraging the expertise, resources and past track record of CISST ERC (funded by the National Science Foundation).

Impact on the Attraction of Talented Investigators:

Drs. Taylor and Fichtinger have provided international leadership in the development of medical and other robotics but had not been involved in prostate cancer-dedicated robotics until they were approached by AdMeTech Foundation to conduct this research. Since this project, robotics-driven diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer has emerged as a major area of Dr. Fichtinger’s research.

University of Pennsylvania


Dr. Mitchell Schnall

Eugene P. Pendergrass Professor and Chairman, Department of Radiology

Key Accomplishments:

Pioneered development of high quality, high precision prostate-dedicated MRI using a specialized endorectal coil integrated with pelvic phased array coils at high field (3T). This was achieved within six months of funding, leveraging Dr. Schnall’s past experience with and the existing laboratory infrastructure for 3T breast MRI.

Impact on the Attraction of Talented Investigators:

While Dr. Schnall invented 1.5T prostate MRI in late 1980s, he was focused primarily on breast MRI research until he was approached and funded by AdMeTech in early 1998 to develop high precision prostate MRI.