Our Start

AdMeTech Foundation was established as a Nonprofit Corporation for the Advancement of Medical Technologies, with a priority focus on the advancement of prostate cancer care, in November 1997. The founding Board of Directors met on December 1, 1997 and appointed Dr. Faina Shtern as President and Chief Executive Officer. The Internal Revenue Service granted AdMeTech a tax-exempt 501©3 status and recognized it as a 509(a) public charity in August 1998. In 2014, AdMeTech’s programs in prostate cancer were named as “The Manogram® Project.”

Our Founders

Dr. Faina Shtern founded AdMeTech during her tenure as Chief of the Diagnostic Imaging Branch at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), Chair of the NIH-wide Diagnostic Radiology Research Committee and Director of the Federal Government-wide Technology Transfer Program. While in these positions she led development of a national health care research policy in diagnostic imaging, and focused on the advancement of early detection and treatment of breast cancer. Read More

Dr. Alexander R. Margulis, who joined Dr. Shtern as AdMeTech’s co-founder, is a member of the Institute of Medicine’s US National Academies and Clinical Professor of Radiology, Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University. He was formerly the Associate Chancellor and Chairman of Radiology at University of California at San Francisco. He is one of the most recognized living historic giants of academic radiology, who received numerous awards for seminal medical research and training several generations of the key international leaders in clinical care and science.

Dr. Walter L. Robb who also joined Dr. Shtern as AdMeTech’s co-founder, is a member of the National Academy of Engineering and former General Electric (GE) Senior Vice President of Corporate Research and Development and a member of the Corporate Executive Council. He also served as CEO of GE Medical Systems, building this division into a world-leading producer of diagnostic systems. In 1993, Dr. Robb received the National Medal of Technology from US President Clinton, the nation’s highest technology honor.

Our Creation

Transforming Personal Experience into Public Service

As a champion of early detection of breast cancer and other life threatening diseases, Dr. Shtern was stunned when her father’s prostate cancer was missed at one of the most prestigious national hospitals. As a prostate cancer survivor, Dr. Robb had also become concerned about the quality of patient care. By 1996, Dr. Shtern conveyed a meeting of the leading authorities in medicine, industry and government to review the state of clinical diagnosis and related research in prostate cancer, including Drs. Margulis and Robb. This meeting led to a startling finding that prostate cancer care was several decades behind the quality of care in breast cancer and other diseases. Indeed, it was highlighted that the prostate was the last organ in the human body where imaging was so poor that biopsies and treatment were done in a blind fashion. Consequently, this meeting resulted in a unanimous recommendation to establish AdMeTech Foundation to provide unique and critically needed international leadership in the development of advanced diagnostic tools for improved early detection and minimally invasive treatment of life-threatening diseases, with prostate cancer as a top priority. The core leaders of this consensus event formed AdMeTech’s Founding Board of Directors and recommended a general organizational strategy – to follow the model of successful programs led by Dr. Shtern that were instrumental in facilitating the advancement of breast cancer care. Dr. Robb secured support of the Robb Family Foundation as the first major source of funding. Since its inception, AdMeTech provided global leadership in research and education, driving every major development in prostate imaging and image-guided diagnosis and treatment. By 2005, a public awareness and advocacy campaign “Where is Manogram® was unveiled. In 2014, AdMeTech’s work in prostate cancer was re-named as “The Manogram® Project.”

Major Programmatic Components and Their Track Record

Since its inception, AdMeTech Foundation has been providing world leadership in the design and implementation of pioneering programs, which are widely recognized for their transformational impact on prostate cancer care. Read more

These programs represent two major organizational directions:

1) Research, which has been facilitating fundamental breakthroughs in the advancement of prostate imaging and image-guided, minimally-invasive treatment.Read more

2) Education, awareness and advocacy campaign, which has been serving as a catalyst for change and produced groundbreaking results in prevention, diagnosis and treatment by galvanizing the leaders of US Congress, Massachusetts General Court, medicine, government, advocacy, industry and the general public.Read more

Public Recognition

AdMeTech received commendations from the Massachusetts’ Governor and General Court, Boston City Mayor, Boston City Council and other organizations. Our programs are supported by global leaders of medicine, industry, advocacy, government, sports and entertainment, U.S. Congress, professional organizations; and have been featured by major media, including the Associated Press, Boston Globe, Reuters, Wall Street Journal, Radio (e.g., NPR) & TV (e.g., ABC, CBS, NBC).

AdMeTech Foundation carries a Gold Seal of Transparency from GuideStar (review here) and can be found on Charity Navigator here.