Dance for a Cure is a public awareness and fundraising campaign to end the prostate cancer crisis. It is modeled after Race for the Cure of Breast Cancer, which was instrumental for making breast cancer a national priority, increasing research funding and transforming women’s health.

Prostate cancer, which strikes 1 in 6 men, has become more common than breast cancer. However, public awareness and research funding are lagging far behind, and men do not have diagnostic tools akin to life- saving mammograms. As a direct result of unreliable diagnostics, prostate cancer has emerged as a patient care crisis and a socio-economic problem.

In the same way that the advancement of mammography transformed breast cancer care, advanced prostate cancer imaging will enable early diagnosis and minimally-invasive treatment, improve quality of living for millions of men and save billions of dollars in health care costs.

AdMeTech Foundation has partnered with a wide network of dance organizations, including Arthur Murray International, to facilitate expansion of the Dance for a Cure campaign as a national, and ultimately, international movement to transform men’s health.

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